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Life Cykel

Life Cykel is a pioneering company focused on producing high-quality, sustainable mushroom-based wellness products. Their approach combines traditional wisdom with modern science, catering to those seeking natural, holistic health solutions with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Life Cykel’s innovative approach to harnessing the potential of mushrooms positions it as a leader in the wellness and sustainability space.

Life Cykel Products

Life Cykel offers a wide range of mushroom extracts and mushroom tinctures. Their range prominently features an array of mushroom extracts and tinctures, catering to various health needs.

Life Cykel stands out with its curated tincture bundles, thoughtfully combining multiple mushroom tinctures. These sets are not only a convenient choice, but also offer a comprehensive approach to wellness, addressing different health goals.

Life Cykel Tincture Bundles

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Each pack targets different health goals
  • No need to buy multiple tinctures separately
  • Full spectrum and vegan-friendly
  • Simplified Wellness Regimen

Life Cykel Pros 

  • Focus on High-Quality Mushroom Products: 
  • Commitment to Sustainability
  • Range of Health Benefits
  • Integration of Traditional and Modern Knowledge

Life Cykel Cons

  • Limited options in terms of form

Why choose Life Cykel?

Choosing Life Cykel is a decision to embrace high-quality mushroom products known for their potency and effectiveness. The company is recognized for its dedication to producing premium mushroom-based supplements, ensuring each product contains beneficial compounds derived from fungi. 

This commitment to quality positions Life Cykel as a leader in the field of natural health solutions, particularly for those seeking alternative or complementary wellness options.

  • A full spectrum 
  • Less than 2% starch content
  • Made in USA.


Is Life Cykel third-party tested?

Yes, Life Cykel ensures the quality and safety of its products through independent third-party laboratory testing. This testing process is designed to verify the purity and potency of their mushroom-based supplements.

How should I take my Life Cykel mushroom extract?

Simply incorporate 2ml of extract into your favorite beverages like coffee, smoothies, tea, water, or other drinks. You can also mix different extracts – if using multiple, just add 2ml of each chosen extract into your drink.