Life Cykel The Gut/Brain Pack – Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail


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The “Life Cykel Gut/Brain Pack” with Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail is like a daily helper for your body. It’s made with special mushrooms that many people use to help them feel balanced and focused. Think of it as a little boost for your body, made from natural stuff like mushrooms and a super fruit called Kakadu Plum, which is really rich in vitamin C. It’s easy to use too; just add a few drops to your drink or place them under your tongue once a day.


  • Natural Wild Harvest Kakadu Plum
  • Distilled Water
  • Australian Trametes versicolor

Harmonious Body Balance

Experience the synergy of Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms, which are combined to help maintain your body’s equilibrium. This natural duo is crafted to work together, aiming to enhance your overall well-being.

Enhanced Connection with Your Body

Incorporate these mushroom extracts into your daily regimen and potentially feel more attuned to your body’s needs. The natural ingredients may help you achieve a greater sense of body awareness.

Full Spectrum Extraction

Benefit from a comprehensive extraction process that utilizes both the fruiting bodies and the mycelium of mushrooms, aiming to capture the full range of benefits in every drop of our Double Liquid Extracts.

Rich in Vitamin C

Each serving is infused with Australian Kakadu Plum, a superfruit celebrated for its exceptionally high vitamin C content, which is crucial for supporting a healthy immune system and enhancing antioxidant protection.

Easy and Flexible Integration

Add this potent extract to your routine without any hassle. With no subscription necessary, you have the freedom to purchase as you please, ensuring you can enjoy the benefits on your terms.

How to Use it ?

Start with the Right Dosage

Begin with a small dose to see how your body reacts. A common starting point is 1 ml of tincture, which is typically about one full dropper.

Consistency is Key

Take the tincture daily. Consistent use over time is often suggested to experience the full benefits.

Incorporate into Your Routine

Add the tincture to a beverage, such as water, tea, or juice. The liquid can help dilute the tincture’s taste if it’s strong or unpleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What is the “Life Cykel The Gut/Brain Pack – Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail”?

The Gut/Brain Pack is a dietary supplement containing a blend of Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail mushroom extracts. It is designed to be incorporated into your daily routine as a supplement.

 How do I take the mushroom extract tinctures?

The extracts can be taken directly under the tongue or added to your favorite beverage such as water, tea, or a smoothie. For specific dosages and instructions, refer to the product label or consult with the manufacturer.

Are the ingredients in the Gut/Brain Pack natural?

Yes, the main components of the tinctures are naturally sourced Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms. Additionally, the extracts are infused with Australian Kakadu Plum for its vitamin C content.

Can I take the Gut/Brain Pack with other supplements?

While the Gut/Brain Pack is designed to be compatible with a variety of dietary routines, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before combining supplements to ensure compatibility and safety.


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