Four Sigmatic Happy Gut Super Powder| Organic Green Super Powder with Probiotics and Prebiotics | Apple Celery Super Greens Powder Drink Mix(4.94 oz.)


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Discover the simple way to support your gut health with Four Sigmatic’s Gut Health Super Powder. This easy-to-use powder is packed with natural greens like wheatgrass and kale, giving your body a boost of essential nutrients. It’s also filled with probiotics and prebiotics to help balance your digestion and strengthen your immune system with the power of Chaga mushrooms. 


  • Wheatgrass Powder
  • Kale Powder
  • Moringa Extract
  • Organic Celery Seed
  • Yacon
  • Turkey Tail Prebiotics
  • Shelf-Stable Probiotics 
  • Chaga Mushroom


Enhanced Gut Health

Boost your digestive wellness with a blend of 1 billion CFU probiotics and prebiotics. This super powder aids in balancing your gut flora, promoting a healthier digestive system.

 Rich in Nutrients

Experience the power of greens in every scoop. Packed with wheatgrass, kale, and moringa, this superfood powder is a nutrient powerhouse, offering a daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals.

Immune System Support

Strengthen your body’s defenses with the inclusion of Chaga, a mushroom known for its high antioxidant content. This ingredient helps bolster your immune system, keeping you healthier and more resilient.

 Versatile and Delicious

Enjoy the fresh taste of green juice without the hassle. Easy to mix in water, seltzers, or your favorite mocktails, this powder offers a refreshing apple celery flavor, making your health routine enjoyable.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Join the sustainability movement with this Climate Pledge Friendly product. Made with organic ingredients and packaged responsibly, it’s a choice that’s good for you and the planet.

How to Use it ?

Using Four Sigmatic’s Gut Health Super Powder is easy and convenient, making it a great addition to your daily wellness routine. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your day.

Measure the Right Amount: Start with one scoop of the super powder. This is enough to get all the benefits it offers.

Choose Your Liquid: The powder is versatile and can be mixed with various liquids. You can use plain water, seltzer, or even add it to your favorite mocktails. For a more filling option, blend it into smoothies.

Mix Well: Ensure the powder is thoroughly mixed with your chosen liquid. You can stir it into a glass of water or use a shaker bottle for a smoother consistency. If you’re making a smoothie, blend it until it’s fully incorporated.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What are the main benefits of taking this super powder?

The Four Sigmatic Gut Health Super Powder is designed to support digestive health with its blend of probiotics and prebiotics, boost nutrient intake with greens like wheatgrass and kale, and strengthen the immune system with Chaga mushrooms.

How often should I take this super powder?

For optimal results, it’s recommended to take the super powder daily. Consistent use can help maintain gut health, nutrient levels, and immune support.

Can I mix this powder with hot beverages or foods?

Yes, you can mix the powder with both cold and hot beverages. It’s also versatile enough to be added to foods like oatmeal or yogurt. However, for the best taste experience, mixing it with cold water or into a smoothie is often preferred.

Is this product suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

The Four Sigmatic Gut Health Super Powder is vegan and made with organic ingredients, making it suitable for many dietary preferences. However, always check the ingredient list for specific dietary concerns.

How does this product taste?

The super powder is flavored with apple and celery, giving it a fresh, green juice-like taste. It’s designed to be palatable and can be mixed with various liquids to suit different taste preferences.

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