Life Cykel Mushroom Awakening Pack – Chaga, Lion’s Mane


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These special mushrooms are like tiny health helpers, giving your body a boost. Chaga is like a shield, protecting your body with its antioxidant powers, while Lion’s Mane acts like a brain booster, helping you think clearer and stay focused. We make these extracts using a special method that gets the best out of the mushrooms, and we add a super fruit called Kakadu Plum, which is really rich in vitamin C


  • Chaga Mushroom Extract
  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract
  • Australian Kakadu Plum


Antioxidant Powerhouse with Chaga

Experience the natural antioxidant benefits of Chaga mushrooms. This extract helps support your body’s defense against oxidative stress, promoting overall wellness.

Cognitive Function Enhancement with Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is renowned for its potential to support brain health. Regular use of this extract may aid in improving focus, memory, and cognitive agility.

Dual Extraction for Maximum Potency

Utilizing a unique double extraction process, this product ensures a full-spectrum mushroom experience, harnessing the complete benefits of both the fruiting bodies and the mycelium.

Infused with Vitamin C-Rich Kakadu Plum

Enhanced with Australian Kakadu Plum, known for its high vitamin C content, this extract not only offers mushroom benefits but also an extra boost of this essential vitamin.

Convenient and Easy to Integrate

In a liquid extract form, these mushroom supplements are easy to incorporate into your daily routine, making your journey towards better health both simple and effective.

How to Use it ?

Simple Addition to Your Day: Just add a few drops of the liquid extract to your favorite drink – be it water, juice, tea, or a smoothie. It blends well without altering the taste of your beverage significantly.

Consistent Use for Best Results: For optimal benefits, use the extracts daily. Consistency is key when it comes to natural supplements.

Customize Your Dosage: Start with a small amount, such as a dropper or two, and gradually increase as per your comfort and needs. It’s always a good idea to listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What are the main benefits of the Chaga and Lion’s Mane extracts in this pack?

The Chaga extract is known for its antioxidant properties, which can help in protecting the body against oxidative stress. Lion’s Mane is reputed for enhancing cognitive functions like memory and focus. Together, they offer a combination of health benefits for overall well-being.

How should I use the Mushroom Awakening Pack for the best results?

For optimal results, add a few drops of the liquid extract to your preferred beverage, such as water, tea, or smoothies. It’s recommended to use the extracts daily and you can adjust the dosage according to your personal preference and response.

Is this product suitable for everyone?

While these mushroom extracts are generally safe for most adults, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have existing health conditions, or are taking other medications.

Are there any side effects associated with the Mushroom Awakening Pack?

These natural extracts are usually well-tolerated, but as with any supplement, some people may experience mild side effects such as digestive upset. If you notice any adverse reactions, it’s advisable to stop use and consult a healthcare provider.

How is the quality of the extracts ensured in the Mushroom Awakening Pack?

The extracts in the Mushroom Awakening Pack are created using a double extraction process, which ensures a full-spectrum product. This process utilizes both the mushroom fruiting bodies and the mycelium.



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