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Life Cykel’s mushroom supplements are like a health-boosting secret from nature. They’re packed with special mushrooms that help your brain stay sharp, give you more energy, and help you feel less stressed. Plus, they’re great for helping your body fight off germs. With a splash of Australian Kakadu Plum, they’re not just good for you; they’re made with care for our planet too. It’s wellness that’s easy to take as part of your daily routine!


  • Functional mushrooms such as Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake.
  • Australian Kakadu Plum


Harness the Power of Mushrooms

Discover the natural benefits of Life Cykel’s mushroom supplements. Each product is crafted to support your wellness journey with ingredients like Reishi and Lion’s Mane, known for their health-boosting properties.

Elevate Your Cognitive Function

Boost your brain health and focus with Life Cykel’s mushroom extracts. Their carefully formulated supplements are designed to enhance mental clarity and concentration, helping you to stay sharp and engaged.

Natural Stress Relief

Find your calm with Life Cykel’s mushroom-based products. They offer a natural way to manage stress and improve sleep quality, allowing you to relax and recharge effectively.

Enhance Your Physical Vitality

Fuel your fitness goals with Life Cykel’s energy-boosting mushroom supplements. Ideal for those looking to increase their physical performance and endurance naturally.

Support Your Immune System

Strengthen your body’s defenses with the immune-supporting properties of Life Cykel’s mushroom supplements. Each dose contains the goodness of mushrooms like Turkey Tail and Shiitake, paired with the antioxidant-rich Australian Kakadu Plum.

How to Use it ?

Step 1: Measure Your Dose

Start with a full dropper of the mushroom extract. This is typically 1 millilitre, but check the label for the exact serving size.

Step 2: Mix it Up

You can take the extract directly under your tongue for the fastest absorption, or mix it into your favourite drink, like a morning smoothie or a cup of tea.

Step 3: Consistency is Key

For the best results, use your mushroom supplements daily. It’s all about making it a part of your routine, whether it’s part of your morning ritual or a calming evening habit.

Step 4: Listen to Your Body

Everyone’s different, so pay attention to how your body responds. If you feel like you need a bit more support, it’s usually okay to have an extra dropper. Just make sure not to exceed the recommended daily amount.

Remember: Always read the label for specific instructions as some formulas may vary, and consult with a healthcare professional if you’re not sure what’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What are the main benefits of taking mushroom supplements?

Mushroom supplements are known for supporting brain health, boosting energy and fitness, reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and enhancing immune system function.

 How often should I take mushroom supplements?

It’s recommended to take mushroom supplements daily to experience the full benefits. However, the exact frequency and dosage should be determined based on the specific product instructions or a healthcare provider’s advice.

Can I take these supplements with other medications?

While mushroom supplements are natural, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before combining them with other medications to avoid any potential interactions.

Are these supplements suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Life Cykel’s mushroom supplements are generally suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but you should always check the label for any specific product to ensure it meets your dietary requirements.

How should I store my mushroom supplements?

To maintain their potency, store your supplements in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the cap is tightly sealed after each use to keep them fresh.

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