Mushroom Coffee

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Discover a new way to start your mornings with the functional benefits of our premium mushroom coffee collection. Stir into some hot water and experience incredible benefits such as better focus, more energy, and immune support throughout the day.

Benefits of Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom coffee provides all the taste and energy boost you expect from a good cup of coffee and more. Here’s how

Natural energy and focus: Mushroom coffee can maintain a sustained energy level throughout the day with less caffeine and jitters.

Antioxidant protection: Help neutralize harmful toxins and inflammation.

Immunity and gut health: Improves immunity with the help of elements like glucan and other antioxidants.

Neurocognitive support: Coffee with certain mushrooms can promote memory, mental clarity, and sharpness.

Adaptogenic balance: Modulate stress response for a relaxed mind and body.

Mushroom Coffee Vs. Regular Coffee


Mushroom coffee contains mushroom extracts like cordyceps, lion’s mane, etc. along with coffee for added functional benefits related to energy, focus, immunity, and overall health. Regular coffee only comes with the natural caffeine from coffee beans, with no added benefits.


Mushroom coffee combines organic coffee beans with dried, powdered medicinal mushrooms, each possessing unique compounds and benefits. In contrast, regular coffee, made from ground or brewed beans, loses its fiber content during the brewing process. 

Mushroom coffee stands out as it includes mushroom powder, which is naturally rich in prebiotic fiber, adding a valuable nutritional component to each cup.


Regular coffee tastes like normal black coffee, depending on roast type and brew method.

Mushroom coffee has an earthy, rich flavor from the mushrooms along with the roasted coffee taste.

Caffeine Content

Caffeine levels can vary in mushroom coffee blends from low to regular coffee levels. Most mushroom coffee offers lower caffeine levels than regular coffee options. The caffeine content in regular coffee depends on beans and brewing style typically 90-200mg per cup.

Mushroom Coffee Buying Guide


Quality mushroom coffee should have mushroom content obtained from fruiting bodies. It is also important that the coffee you choose follows standard industry regulations such as they are tested by third-party testing services.

Caffeine Content  

Caffeine levels can vary widely in mushroom coffee products from gentle to robust amounts compared to regular coffee. Check product descriptions and base choice on your caffeine sensitivity and requirements. 

Flavor Profiles

Mushroom coffees balance earthy mushroom flavors with coffee roast notes like chocolaty or fruity. Think about what profiles appeal based on whether you add milk, sweeteners, etc. It is better to sample small format packs first to test.  


Look for verified fair trade, organic, non-GMO, and sustainable production practices to ensure quality. Third-party testing for potency, purity, and heavy metals also matters for mushroom-based supplements. 

Brand Reputation  

Trust is key with supplements. Go for established brands with good reviews.

Types of Mushrooms

There are a range of beneficial mushroom varieties used in quality mushroom coffee blends. You’ll want to look for specific mushrooms that offer properties aligned with your needs and preferences.

Try single mushroom coffees first to gauge the effects.

Cordyceps Mushroom Coffee: Boosts energy, athletic capability and immunity

Lion’s Mane  Mushroom Coffee: Supports cognitive function, memory and mood

Reishi Mushroom Coffee: Promotes relaxation and healthy stress response

Chaga Mushroom Coffee: Delivers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits

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Why is mushroom coffee so expensive?

Mushroom coffees tend to be more expensive because they contain an extra ingredient: medicinal mushrooms. These mushrooms provide a number of health benefits therefore higher cost.

What does chaga coffee do?

Chaga coffee, renowned for its powerful antioxidant properties, offers a range of benefits to maintaining youthfulness and promoting healthy aging. It has adaptogenic effects that help in stabilizing the body’s response to ongoing mental and physical stress. 

Can you mix mushroom coffee with regular coffee?

Yes, you can certainly enhance the flavor of your mushroom coffee. While coffee with mushrooms already contains a blend of ground mushrooms and coffee, feel free to add more coffee to it if you prefer a stronger coffee taste.

Is mushroom coffee bad for GERD?

No. The mushrooms in the coffee mix reduce acidity, allowing you to enjoy a delightful cup of coffee without the fear of acid reflux.

Does mushroom coffee help with brain fog?

Naturally, mushroom coffee stimulates the brain’s neurotransmitter release, thereby enhancing cognitive functions. It boosts concentration, sharpens focus, and improves memory.

How much mushroom coffee can you drink a day?

The FDA recognizes 400 milligrams as a daily caffeine intake that is generally safe for most individuals and not linked to negative health impacts. 

Consuming approximately three cups of mushroom coffee daily usually amounts to slightly less than the recommended limit set by the FDA, though this can vary based on the specific brand or blend.

Does mushroom coffee affect blood pressure?

No, mushrooms do not generally raise blood pressure but there are certain types of mushrooms that can actually lower the blood pressure.