Organic Mushroom Extract Powders

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The mushroom powder is a finely ground dried medicinal mushroom into a dissolvable powder form. Our shop bottles the magical health properties of medicinal mushrooms to promote wellness and vitality.

Whether you want to add a nutrition boost to your daily smoothie or are looking for bulk supplies, we’ve got you covered.
Bulk and Wholesale Mushroom Powders
For those needing larger quantities of mushroom powders, we have made available various high-quality options in bulk quantity from reputable suppliers. Bulk mushroom powders can provide great value for manufacturers, businesses, or anyone looking to buy large amounts.
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder
This is one natural supplement you don’t want to miss out on. This mushroom has taken the world by storm due to its remarkable ability to support brain health and cognition.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Lion’s Mane can help improve memory and focus while reducing brain fog. It is proven to help with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in some patients.

There’s more! The unique elements in this mushroom nourish the brain, nerves, digestive system, and heart unlike other supplements on the market today.
Reishi Mushroom Powder
Revered for millennia in ancient Chinese medicine, the Reishi mushroom is now a must-have supplement for anyone seeking optimal immune support. Reishi mushroom powder supports the immune system, heart health, sleep, and more.

A strong immune system means fewer sick days and more time to enjoy life. The compounds in Reishi also promote heart health and even combat cancer cells. It’s a true medicinal mushroom packed with healing advantages.
Chaga Mushroom Powder
Chaga mushrooms are typically found in cold climates and have a rock-like appearance. These mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine to boost overall health.

This gift of nature can help boost immunity, reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower blood sugar. The rich concentration of antioxidants makes it a potent mushroom powder.
Cordyceps Mushroom Powder
This mushroom is a favorite in the athletic community and can give you the edge you need to perform at your peak. The secret lies in Cordyceps’ ability to increase blood flow and oxygen utilization.

More oxygen means more energy and stamina to push through your toughest workouts. Studies show Cordyceps helps the body better resist fatigue while enhancing lung function.

Loaded with antioxidants to boost immunity and support kidney health, taking it in the form of a  blend or powder into smoothies can help you train harder, recover faster, and reach new levels of fitness.
Why Powdered Mushroom Supplements?
Convenience & Versatility: Mushroom powders are easy to add to smoothies, shakes, coffee, baked goods etc. No prep is needed, just scoop and mix.

Absorption: When grounded to powder the mushroom nutrients may be more bioavailable and easily absorbed by the body.

Shelf life: Properly stored powders often have a longer shelf life than raw mushrooms. Less waste and easier to buy in bulk.

Potency: Mushroom powders are very concentrated, allowing you to get a big nutritional punch in a small amount.
3 Ways of Using Mushroom Powder
Different mushrooms have different tastes which means you may like some better than others. Here are 3 ways of incorporating mushroom powder into your daily routine without compromising your taste buds:
Add it to your Daily Tea or Coffee

Add a teaspoon of mushroom powder like cordyceps or chaga to your coffee grounds before brewing for an infused mushroom coffee.
Stir or whisk mushroom powders like reishi or lion’s mane into hot coffee or tea to dissolve and blend the flavor.
Blend powders into milk, plant milk, or creamers first before adding to coffee/tea to distribute evenly.

For iced coffee/tea, shake or blend mushroom powder into the milk or plant milk you’ll be using.

Try foaming up mushroom powder-infused milk to top espresso drinks like lattes for an extra nutrient boost.
Sprinkle just a pinch of mushroom powder mix over espresso shots and let the crema incorporate as you drink.
Mix powders into cocoa powder or masala chai spice blend before making hot chocolate or chai tea lattes.
Add a scoop of mushroom powder to the milk frother when making foamy drinks.
Use a milk frother to blend mushroom powder into hot milk for lattes or steamers.
Whisk into coconut milk, oat milk, etc, and heat for mushroom-infused creamer.

Blend it with your Smoothies
You can start with small amounts of powder for example 1 teaspoon of powder per smoothie until you know how the flavor blends with other ingredients and increase gradually.

You can use mushroom powder with almost any of your smoothies but make sure that mushroom powder is first blended with any liquid ingredients like milk or yogurt to help dissolve before adding fruits and veggies.

Cocoa powder or peanut butter can help mask stronger mushroom flavor in berry or green smoothies. Chill smoothies well to allow flavors to blend, especially if the mushroom taste is strong. With some experimenting, you can easily add functional mushroom nutrition to your daily smoothies!
Cook With It
Think beyond your morning mug – mushroom blend powder can amp up the nutrition in all your go-to meals. Here’s how:

Simmer into soups and stir-fries for savory depth without notice.
You can also blend it into dressings, dips, and sauces then toss it in with salads, grains, and veggies.
You can even slip a pinch into pancakes, muffins, and cookies while baking.

Without a noticeable change in the taste, mushroom mix powder can make any dish more nutritious.
Mushroom Powder Vs. Mushroom Capsules 
When it comes to getting your daily dose of functional mushrooms, Mushroom capsules, and powders, both offer convenience and concentration so what’s the difference?

Mushroom powders are very versatile, you can stir them into drinks, add them to recipes, or take them directly. However, some may dislike the natural earthy taste. On the other hand, Mushroom capsules offer standardized dosing and no flavor but lack flexibility.

For those sensitive to textures, capsules can be easier to take, while organic mushroom powder offers more nutrient density per serving with better absorption rates. If you enjoy adaptogenic teas, smoothies, or baked items, powders make a more seamless addition. Capsules certainly have their place for travel or for those who prefer zero-taste!
Why Choose Our Medicinal Mushroom Powder Products?
You can trust you’re getting the highest quality. At Dynamic Pure Our organic mushroom powders are tested for purity and potency by their manufacturers. Our partner brand sources from the best growers worldwide to meet the highest standards which means all our products are USDA certified.
Buying Guide for Mushroom Powders
Now that you know so much about different mushroom powders and their health benefit it becomes confusing when you’re out getting one for yourself.
Match the Mushroom to Your Goals
There are many medicinal mushroom varieties, each with unique benefits. Decide which you want to target first:

Brain health – Lion’s Mane
Immunity – Turkey Tail, Reishi
Energy – Cordyceps, Chaga
Stress relief – Reishi, Chaga
Heart health – Reishi, Maitake

Look for Organic, USDA Certified
Opt for organic mushroom powders whenever possible. No chemicals used in growing means higher quality mushrooms and better extracts. USDA-certified organic is the gold standard for the mushroom community.
Verify 3rd Party Testing
Reputable brands will provide certificates of analysis from independent labs verifying the purity and potency of their mushroom powders. This ensures you get what the label claims.
Potency Matters
Mushroom powder’s nutritional content can vary widely. Aim for powders standardized to contain a minimum level of active compounds like beta-glucans or triterpenes for guaranteed potency.
Look for Minimal Additives
The fewer additives and fillers, the better. Avoid anti-caking agents, preservatives, and unnecessary ingredients.
Read the Reviews 
Checking reviews from real customers can reveal a lot about a mushroom powder’s quality, effectiveness, taste, and value. Go with well-rated products.
The bottom line is that mushroom powders make it incredibly easy to reap the wellness benefits of medicinal mushrooms every day. Simply stir our high-quality, organic powders into your favorite foods and drinks for a nutritional boost without the hassle.
FAQ’s Related To Mushroom Powder
Is Mushroom Powder Safe During Pregnancy?
Yes, mushroom powder is generally considered safe during pregnancy when taken in accordance with the recommended dosage.
Is Mushroom Powder Good For Weight Gain?
No, mushroom powder supplements do not promote weight gain. In fact, due to their antioxidant properties, these supplements can be beneficial for individuals who are conscious of their weight.
Can Mushroom Powder Upset Your Stomach?
While most people do not experience stomach upset when taking mushroom powder, it’s worth noting that its high fiber content may lead to bloating or mild stomach discomfort in some individuals.
Who should not take mushroom powder?
Although mushroom powder is generally safe, it’s advisable to consult your doctor before incorporating any supplements into your daily routine, especially if you have concerns about blood sugar or blood pressure, as certain mushrooms may affect these levels.
Does mushroom powder have side effects?
Mushroom powders can have adverse side effects for individuals with allergies. Therefore, it’s recommended to consult your doctor before taking them, especially if you have known allergies.
Is it safe to take mushroom powder every day?
Yes, it is generally safe to take mushroom powder every day as long as you follow the recommended dosage guidelines.
What time of day is best to take mushroom supplements?
The optimal time to take mushroom supplements depends on your specific goals. Some mushroom powders provide an energy boost, so it’s best to take them in the morning. Others may enhance sleep quality, and in such cases, it’s advisable to take them before bedtime.