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Imagine getting a colourful variety of fruits and veggies, all packed into easy-to-swallow capsules. No more worrying about your daily greens or the hustle of juicing. Plus, there’s a special blend of fibers and spices to keep your tummy happy and digestion smooth. It’s all the natural stuff—no extra fillers or artificial bits—just pure, plant-powered goodness to fit right into your busy life. 


Fruits Blend:





Veggies Blend:





Fibre & Spice Blend:

Psyllium Husk

Flax Seed




Nutrient-Rich Whole Foods

Unlock the power of nature with a diverse blend of 16 whole fruits and 15 vegetables in each capsule, providing a spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients designed to support your daily nutritional needs.

Convenient Health Boost

Simplify your wellness routine with easy-to-take capsules that offer a quick and convenient way to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables without the hassle of shopping, chopping, and juicing.

Fibre for Digestive Wellness

Enhance digestive health with the Fibre & Spice blend, combining psyllium husk and flax seeds with a mix of 12 spices to promote a healthy balance of soluble and insoluble fibre in your diet.

Pure and Wholesome

Embrace purity in every capsule with supplements that are free from added fillers, synthetics, or sugars, ensuring you receive nothing but the goodness of whole-food ingredients.

Diet-Friendly Supplement

Support your lifestyle choices with confidence, thanks to gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan-friendly supplements that align with a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions.

How to Use it ?

Fruits & Veggies Capsules

  • Dosage: Take 3 capsules of each daily.
  • Method: You can swallow the capsules with water or, if you prefer, chew the Fruits capsules for a burst of flavour.
  • Tip: For an extra twist, sprinkle the contents of the Veggies capsules over your salad or mix into a vegetable juice.

Fibre & Spice Powder

  • Dosage: Mix 2 heaping scoops into water or juice, twice daily (morning and evening).
  • Mixing: Stir the Fibre & Spice powder into a glass of water until dissolved. For a tasty alternative, mix it with diluted apple juice for a spiced cider flavour.

Consistency: Ensure to drink immediately after mixing to enjoy the full benefits of the fibre content.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

What makes Balance of Nature different from other supplements?

Balance of Nature’s supplements are made from 100% real fruits and vegetables, with no added fillers or synthetics. Our unique vacuum-cold process ensures that the natural vitamins and minerals are preserved, giving you a pure and potent nutritional boost.

Can I take the Fruits and Veggies capsules together?

Absolutely! The Fruits and Veggies capsules are designed to complement each other and can be taken together as part of your daily routine for optimal nutritional benefits.

 Is the Fibre & Spice blend easy to incorporate into my diet?

Yes, the Fiber & Spice blend is very versatile. It can be mixed with water or juice and is even tasty in apple juice, making it a delicious addition to your daily diet.

Are Balance of Nature supplements suitable for those with dietary restrictions?

Yes, our supplements are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly, catering to a wide range of dietary needs and preferences.

Can I still benefit from Balance of Nature if I already eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?

Yes, Balance of Nature can complement your diet by ensuring you get a wide variety of nutrients every day. It’s especially useful on busy days when you might not consume enough fruits and veggies, providing a consistent nutrient intake regardless of your daily schedule.


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